L'influence en parfumerie

Influence in perfumery

Being famous on Instagram and in Galas is all well and good, but do you think it would really be the case without “money”?

No, because nothing in life is free, even the most passionate influencer will always want to scratch something.

In this new blog article, we are going to take great pleasure in revealing to you the secrets and juicy information from the world of perfumery. We hope you like gossip because you will be served!

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Everyone knows that in the profession, image is important. Additionally, you may not know how expensive maintaining a reputation can be. Obviously, this cost is reflected in the selling price of the products and then in the consumer's wallet. Otherwise it wouldn’t be business !

But how to buy your image then?

Nowadays, we say thank god social networks. It is thanks to them that a brand can create a loyal community , attract consumers close to its values ​​and produce content that resembles it. Beauty influencers, as their name suggests, also have a strong power of influence… Or not!

Let’s talk about influence!

Small question: will the speech of an influencer (when he received the product for free and was pampered with petits fours) necessarily be honest and transparent towards the consumer?

Hmm... Not always.
Well yes, because the influencer also wants to look good in front of the brand, without frustrating their community . A difficult role... But rest assured, not everyone is like that!

Please note : it is important to distinguish between paid partnerships for which influencers receive products in exchange for creating posts and stories with more or less dictated speeches (again, no generalities); and shipments of simple products where the user receives the products free of charge (the user is free to create content on said brand) .

In certain cases, the influencer has a say on the quality, olfactory aspect of the fragrance, etc. Sometimes, he himself is influenced... It is not because he was offered a bottle with bubbles and a full size product that the opinion should not be objective!

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There are the little Instagram posts and the big papers , which for the modest sum of an arm, a leg and the cracking of a PEL, ensure a brand has a pompous and well-placed press article in the magazine. Once again, the fact of paying so much to ultimately have a truncated and boosted opinion on a brand does not bring any interest. Especially if all these costs end up being amortized by the innocence of the consumer.
Disclaimer : there are sometimes sincere articles, in which journalists and magazines decide to talk about a particular brand.

So there ’s the big discovery! Once the paper is finished: it either passes or it breaks. Conversely, a fair and honest review (that's WHAT we want) helps us buy a cosmetic product and really get value for our money. This was the primary essence of niche brands and especially of Versatile: transparency and no false communication. A conquered community cannot be bought and it is the quality that will take care of the notoriety!


We are sorry to disappoint you, but no, it is not Christian Dior who makes Dior perfumes.

You should know that behind a nose , there are several other small nostrils, all of which have an important role in the development of perfume . Unfortunately, they are not always highlighted. The perfumer (today) has defined his formula on the computer (alone or with the help of other perfumers), then once he considers it finished, he sends it to the weighing laboratory. It is then the assistant perfumers who will make the necessary dilutions of raw materials so that this famous formula can be smelled by the perfumer. As you will have understood, behind each nose hides a large team that is often put to the test.

For the answer, no, it is not always the claimed name that is behind the latest successful perfume, but since it is relatively well known (well, no one actually knows what perfumers look like), it is this one that we highlight.

At Versatile, it’s Flair who takes care of our perfumes. A team of cool and artistic women for whom creating perfume rhymes with passion and freedom of expression ❤️

( find all their creations on our website )


We hope that thanks to this article, you will now be able to see more clearly, between the brands which pay to be well seen and those which let the reputation and the quality of the product create the image of the brand.

Photos: Versatile Paris
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