Découvrez Camille Chemardin - Junior parfumeure

Discover Camille Chemardin - Junior perfumer

“Perfumery is experimental!”

Genius perfumers you say?

Studio Flair Paris Camille

"Everything happened quickly for me: after being a passionate student, I landed an internship at Flair at the age of 20, where I immediately flourished. So much so, in fact, that I sometimes preferred to go to the studio rather than to class."

The collaboration with Amélie and Anne-Sophie was finally consolidated over time.

Camille Chemardin, graduate of the Ecole Supérieure du Parfum in Paris, is Junior Perfumer at @flair.paris she is the nose behind several Versatile creations:

- The comforting Dimanche Flemme 🌿
- The addictive Accrodisiaque🌹
- The attractive Rital date 🍋

STORIES OF FLAIR: olfactory portrait

Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Camille, delighted, and I have been a junior perfumer at Flair for 5 years. I just turned 26 and I graduated from the École Supérieure du Parfum in Paris. I really enjoy working at Flair and creating beautiful creations. Positive and loyal in nature, my personality plays an important role in my work.

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Perfumer, a vocation?

From a very young age, I was torn between two dreams: to become a perfumer or an adventurer, like Indiana Jones (but with a skirt). These two passions ultimately combined, as my fascination with history and adventure found its place in the world of fragrances. Besides, I have always been attracted to smells. For me, a perfume means being able to put emotions in a bottle and that's what I like.

A color to define you?

I would say green.

Your comforting smell?

This is a very good question, almost philosophical. I would say very “second skin” notes, both discreet but present.


Your favorite pairing?

Tuberose as well as everything that can be worked with tuberose.

Tuberose is a white flower native to Central America, known for its sensual, sweet and intense scent. In perfumery, tuberose absolute is extracted from its flowers to be used as a key ingredient in many olfactory compositions.

What is the perfect combination for you?

For me, the perfect combination is: juniper berries (obtained from the juniper plant (Juniperus communis), which grows in cold and temperate regions of the northern hemisphere) + ginger for a perfect Gin and tonic. Freshness and sparkle!

Your inspirations?

I know one of my strengths is memory. My inspirations are therefore culinary discoveries, but also my loved ones who mean a lot to me.

Your ideal perfume?

I would say that my ideal perfume would be a sort of “second skin”.

A second-skin perfume is one that fits perfectly with the wearer's skin, as if it were an integral part of their body.


What raw material do you prefer?

Virginia cedar.

For a brief definition, Virginia cedar is a wood species commonly used in perfumery for its warm, woody and spicy notes.

The raw material you hate?

Oxane (which smells like rotten meat/blood)

Your guilty pleasure in food?

For comfort mood: pasta carbonara or a very good burger

What drink do you prefer?

The iconic St-Germain liqueur (St-Germain Spritz)


Do you find Versatile briefs easy?

They are very challenging. To be honest, the idea itself is simple, universal but the execution is a real challenge and I like that.

Dimanche Flemme : 100% cocooning, fresh and sparkling

THE lazy day perfume

Accrodisiaque : addicted = addiction, aphrodisiac = desire

THE sexual perfume

Rital date : seductive, gender-neutral and gustatory

Italy in a bottle

What do you think of your Versatile creation?

I really enjoyed working with the green note in the Dimanche flemme perfume. I find that it is a comforting green accompanied by a beautiful sweetness. I am happy with the result obtained by creating this fragrance.


The last question...

In your opinion, what element will evolve in perfumery?

With the future regulatory constraints coming, the fear of allergens and the desire to have cleaner perfumery, I think that the future lies in the growth of green chemistry with the discovery of new molecules which will expand our olfactory palette.

“It’s experimental!” Camille Chemardin


Flair Creation - Camille
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