Découvrez Anne-Sophie Behaghel - Nez remarquable

Discover Anne-Sophie Behaghel - Remarkable nose

“I make perfumes and I like it”

The story of a beautiful meeting between noses and a very creative locomotive

Anne-Sophie Behaghel perfumer at Flair
It begins with a meeting, a discussion, ideas and then the story with the Flair studio began.
Their objective ? Remain an independent laboratory with the watchword: creativity and audacity (always with optimism)
Anne-Sophie Behaghel is the co-founder of @flair.paris and the nose behind Versatile creations:
- The sparkling Culot tea 🍑
- The appetizing Good Pear 🍐

STORIES OF FLAIR: 2nd accomplices

Hello, delighted am I?

Hello, delighted, I am Anne-Sophie Behaghel and I am an associate perfumer at Flair. I make perfumes and I like it. I am cheerful by nature and one of my assets remains boldness. I really appreciate Coralie's projects, because I find that they reveal our artistic souls.

Perfumer, a vocation?

To be in the clichés: yes. This is the sense that guided me the most, since I was little. Growing up in Paris, a city of hot streets and crowded public transportation, I was a curious child, observing everything around me. This is how I realized very early on that I wanted to become a Nose. Amélie (my friend) quickly joined me in my apprenticeship.

What color do you prefer?

Without hesitation, blue (as in my photo by the way).

One of your comforting smells?

Clean smells, Musk, sweet and sensual smells.


Your favorite perfume pairing?

It's hemp and of course Musk.

Hemp is a plant that can be used in perfumery for its essential oil extracted from the seeds and stem. It is often used as a base note to add depth and warmth to perfumes.

Musk is an animal ingredient originally, coming from the scent gland of the male buckshot, a small creature native to Asia. Today, most musks used in perfumery are synthetic, developed to replicate the sensual, musky scent of the natural ingredient.

Your perfect combination in perfumery?

I think it's Amélie Bourgeois and me in perfume, because I consider her to be my ideal accomplice. No, I'm kidding, in reality, I would say Musk (without hesitation) and why not orange blossom.

What are you inspired by?

Most often, I draw inspiration from people: their smiles, the way they move, the way they look at others, the way they live. I like to give free rein to the sensations and emotions that a smell provides, I can explore inexplicable olfactory territories and shape them to create unique fragrances, which I hope will captivate the nostrils of those who smell them. I could have said travel, nature or even the sea too, but that's a bit boaty, isn't it?

Your ideal perfume?

As you noticed: all perfumes as long as there is at least 50% Musk.


Your favorite raw material?

Pink pepper (in CO₂ extract)

*also known as pink berries

Is there a raw material that you can't stand?

You'll probably be disappointed... but it's honey (in all its forms, by the way)

Your guilty pleasure in food?

At any time of the day: sausage! (I have to stop myself from buying any)

Your drink of choice?

The essential red wine (from 8 a.m.)


How do you find the Versatile briefs?

They are easy, but at the same time not easy. Let me explain: the briefs speak to me, but at the same time the AD (artistic director: Coralie) knows her ideas so well that she takes you where she wants (it sometimes takes time to reach her) but it's is exciting, the leader becomes our locomotive.

Tea base : sparkling, bright and sweet

THE perfume with sass

Good pear : juicy, addictive and crunchy

Your GOOD pear

What do you think of your Versatile creation?

Culot tea was a challenging creation: a tea yes, but fruity, apricot with notes of ginger, wasabi, garlic... It was so good with real research work. I used my feeling a lot less than usual, but it looks good, proof!

Last question at the end (the best)

In your opinion, what element will evolve in perfumery?

Perfumery evolves all the time, a bit like fashion, the classics come back revisited, but I agree with my sidekick Amélie, there is a glimmer of novelty, never seen since we have been a perfumer, in the eyes of the creations : like naturalness in fruits.

“Versatile projects reveal our artistic souls”Anne-Sophie Behaghel

Creations by Anne-Sophie Behaghel Flair

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Photos: Versatile Paris
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