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"I found in this, an introspective journey..."

Do you believe in professional crushes?

Amélie Bourgeois perfumer at Flair Studio

This is what happened with the Flair studio: a call, an exchange, an idea and we embarked on this crazy adventure alongside him.

On board, genius perfumers, women with different characters, endearing and resourceful personalities.

Amélie Bourgeois is the co-founder of @flair.paris and the nose behind several Versatile creations:

- The iconic Gueule de Bois 🥃
- The addictive Accrodisiaque 🌹
- The attractive Rital Date 🍋

(Re)discover his profile, in this article related to the profession of perfumer !

STORIES OF FLAIR: 1st friend

Who are you ?

I'm Amélie Bourgeois, and I'm associated with Anne-Sophie Behaghel at Flair. I am also one of the founders. Flair is a perfume studio that combines creativity, quality and accessibility to offer its customers a unique experience. We are close to laboratories like IFF or Firmenich, which allows us to select beautiful natural and synthetic but also atypical raw materials.

Perfumer, a vocation?

A meeting rather. That of my master perfumer, by chance, who trained me and made me passionate about perfume. I found it an introspective journey. Since my childhood, I have bathed in smell. It is also one of my refuges. As a child, and a little anecdote, I loved to smell and let my nose fly in the wheat fields.

Your favourite colour ?

Orange or red.

A comforting smell?

I would say Shiseido Wood Femininity.


Your favorite pairing?

Immortelle and ambroxan.

Immortelle is a flower used in perfumery for its warm, sweet and woody notes. It has been my favorite material for a long time. It is grown in Mediterranean regions and has a characteristic odor reminiscent of honey and dry herbs.

Ambroxan is an aromatic compound that has a woody, musky, amber odor and is often reminiscent of the scent of natural ambergris.

The perfect combination?

I would say cypriol (it's a plant native to India, for which the roots are used in perfumery) and cashmeran (it's a synthetic perfume note that imitates the smell of cashmere wood very well. Its smell is sweet, musky and slightly woody).

Your inspirations?

I am a dreamer by nature. My inspirations are therefore linked to travel, nature and above all moments of life. Only one goal for me when I am inspired: to create without limits.

Your ideal perfume?

For me, the ideal perfume would be one that tells a story but above all that touches us.


Your favorite raw material?

The immortelle (see the definition just above)

Your hated raw material?

Jasmine Sambac

Your guilty pleasure in food?

I often have cravings for appetizer cakes...

Your favorite drink?

The famous Bloody Mary cocktail!


Are Versatile briefs easy?

They are very interesting but very specific. Coralie knows what she wants, her requests and requirements are very high.

Gueule de Bois : iconic, original but above all intoxicating

Versatile Gueule de Bois Perfume

Accrodisiaque : addictive, gender-neutral and bestial...

Versatile Accrodisiaque Perfume

Rital date : seductive, neo-lemon and surprising

Rital perfume date Versatile

What do you think of your Versatile creation?

Rital date was a nice development, in my opinion. The love story between Coralie and Pierre is a positive story, so this perfume could only be as well. Let's not forget that the brief was very funny: limoncello, tomato leaf, pesto, it was great!


The Last Question...

In your opinion, what is the element that will evolve in perfumery?

I would say: naturalness in fruits.

“Niche perfumery is particular, but so beautiful at the same time…” Amélie Bourgeois


Flair Studio

Next interviews are coming very soon! If you enjoyed reading this article, you will love smelling and discovering other noses...

Photos: Versatile Paris



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