Stop aux clichés en parfumerie

Stop the clichés in perfumery


Ahhhh... the gender divide: it's feminine, it's masculine, we're a little fed up with these divisive subjects (there are more serious things in life, right?) OK, let's go back to the basics of the kind in perfumery.

Perfume for women and men



In fact, throughout History, there has always been this desire to differentiate men from women. Let's turn a blind eye to classic style clichés like: once upon a time, men were superior to women or once upon a time, woody scents were for men and floral scents for women...

Above all, let's talk about genderless perfumes, THE trend of recent years.



The first cliché often associated with perfumery: feminine perfumes = sweet, floral and masculine perfumes = woody and spicy . This distinction between men's and women's perfumes is based on gender stereotypes, which have no real basis.

Expensive perfumes are always better: Although high-end perfumes are often of high quality, price does not always guarantee quality or satisfaction.

Men wear less perfume: this is another gender cliché that is incorrect. Perfumes can be worn at any frequency by all genders.

It happens that niche brands are not influenced by stereotypical advertising campaigns. The institutional codes of the world of luxury are very often campaigns with celebrities or models with a formatted physique, or even: the heavier the cap, the more luxurious it is...Nowadays, this one-way beauty is out .

Likewise, we observe that the principle of " genre " extends to bottles (for colors and even shapes).


Perfumery and bad smells, contradictory you say? However, this is the reality, some ingredients stink ! Because, to make a good perfume, you need good and bad smells .

Here is the real face of some raw materials that can compose your perfume:

jasmine : we imagine the smell of monoi, the beach and the sun on the skin. In reality, it's very animal and medicinal

pink : we imagine the fields in Grasse, lulled by the morning dew. In reality, it's fatty, green, bitter like artichoke

indole : ok, no one knows this material. It's a synthetic ingredient that smells like feces, yum


No not at all ! The main thing is to appreciate your perfume, because yes we wear perfume to feel good and ESPECIALLY to smell good. In the Middle East for example, perfumery does not know this idea of ​​the genre at all, it manages to stand out from Western marketing. And women appreciate the oud as much as men.

As a result, each Versatile perfume is unisex. Everyone wears Gueule de Bois one day, right 😉 As long as it smells good, we’re happy!


Another cliché that needs to be broken : niche perfumes are only for an elite. At Versatile Paris, we believe that quality does not necessarily have to be synonymous with high price. This is why we offer quality perfumes at affordable prices, without clichés and which break stereotypes.

To find out more, find our article on: Accessible (niche) perfumery

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Finally, it's time to bust the myth that perfumes should only be worn on special occasions. Perfumes can be worn every day , to feel good about yourself and give yourself a little boost of confidence!

Photos: Versatile Paris
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