Les 4 saisons version parfum !

The 4 seasons perfume version!

More like summer 🌼 or winter ❄️ ?

Both my captain!

Perfume has been a key element of beauty and fashion for centuries. But did you know that your choice of perfume can also be influenced by the seasons? Indeed, the perfumes you wear in winter can be very different from those you wear in summer. In this article, we'll explore how the seasons can affect your scent choice.


Many people have THEIR favorite perfume, vowing loyalty like grandpa to grandma after 60 years of marriage. Others are very versatile and like to be surprised/conquered by new things .

In this second category, some will make their choice according to the season . At Versatile, we do not want to associate our fragrances with seasons, as this could have a impact on your choice . We prefer to let you adopt our perfumes according to the smell!

Perfume and accessories

Good points :

- Adapt to the environment : Choosing a scent based on the seasons can help you adapt to your environment. For example, a fresh, light scent may be more pleasant to wear in summer when the weather is hot.

- Match Mood : Scents can help reflect your mood and get you in the mood for the season. For example, a warm, spicy scent can put you in the Christmas mood during the winter months.

- Follow trends : Fragrances are often released based on seasons, so choosing a fragrance based on the season can help you keep up with current trends.

Negative points :

- Limit the choice : if you only choose your perfumes according to the seasons, you can limit your choice of available perfumes.

- Personal incompatibility : it is possible that certain fragrances from a given season may not suit your personal tastes or skin type.

- Not following individual preferences : By focusing on seasonal scents, it is possible to neglect personal preferences and opt for a scent that does not suit you.

Ultimately, your choice of perfume should be based on personal preference above all else. If a scent from a certain season matches your personal taste and suits your skin type, then go for it! If not, you can explore available options outside of seasonal norms to find your ideal scent.


As you already know , there are clichés such as “ flowers are for women and woods are for men ” and so are the seasons! We often associate fresh and light perfumes with summer and, on the contrary, we wear rather warm and powerful perfumes in winter.

These shots are often based on the notes and ingredients that are commonly used in perfumes for each season.

In terms of consumption habits, summer is often conducive to refreshing scents unlike winter where trends are towards gourmand and amber scents (because we have a need for comfort and character). Unfortunately, this phenomenon is anchored in morals.

Seasons and scents

Here is a quick summary of trendy smells based on seasonality :

🌱 Spring: Fruity, aromatic and green notes

🥭 Summer: Floral, powdery, citrus and sweet notes

🪵 Autumn: Woody and leathery notes

☕️ Winter: Amber, spicy and delicious notes

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It's important to note that these clichés are not hard and fast rules and it is entirely possible to wear any perfume at any time of year, depending on your personal preferences. However, it is true that certain notes and ingredients pair better with certain seasons and therefore may be more appropriate for certain occasions.


No, don't panic! Perfume, as explained just above, remains a question of taste. If you love green, super fresh perfumes or you have found the scent you need, well don't change!

Well, we're not going to lie, it's also a question of mood . If you need a good detox on Sunday, you are not going to wear a very strong perfume ( you have to be realistic )

So, are you able to wear our must-have Rital date on March 28? Do you dare?

Photos: Versatile Paris
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