Décoder une étiquette cosmétique

Decoding a cosmetic label

First: What is labeling for?

All marketed products, whether food, fashion, cosmetics etc ... all products include labeling to ensure product traceability.

Consumer safety is at the center of all product development. An unlabeled product? Run away.

Second: What are the mandatory information?

  • Product Name: Hangover
  • Description of product: Perfume extract
  • Capacity: 15ml
  • Country of manufacture: Made in France
  • The responsible person and his address: SENSATILE SAS / 2 Square Marcel Toussaint 75015 Paris
  • The EAN code: This is the barcode that identifies the product when it is made available in stores, from its stockist...
  • The batch number: This is the number that indicates the day on which the packaging of the product was made. If a problem should arise, the withdrawal of the lot as a whole must be withdrawn from the market.
  • List of ingredients: The list is a bit of a catch-all! The list of ingredients is decreasing according to the quantities. At first, it is generally SOLVENT (alcohol, water or oil), then the name PERFUME (which is never revealed because it is the only element that cannot be protected / patented, brands do not share as olfactory pyramids so as not to be copied). Finally, allergens (must be mentioned from 0.001% in the formula)
  • Duration of use: Indicates the duration during which the product is "usable". If the product has a shelf life of more than 30 months, a PAO (period after opening) is applied to the packaging, followed by the number of months after opening.
Our PAO is 6 months: our products therefore have a lifespan of more than 30 months from their manufacture and are valid for 6 months after their first uses.
    • You can also find flammable, recyclable, Triman pictograms, refer to the instructions (if the bottle is too small, the instructions can be written on the case).
    • Regarding the mention Cruelty free (not tested on animals), it is mainly a marketing argument. Indeed, since 2013, it is forbidden to test cosmetic products on animals.
    All these mentions must be printed in a legible, indelible and visible manner.

      Labels no longer hold any secrets for you, you can finally choose your products with confidence.


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