But alors you are french ?

But then you are french?

"MADE IN FRANCE", a mention that smells like a hot baguette!

Let's face it, French know-how is a dream all over the world and it arouses a lot of fascination.

For several years, the mention "Made in France" has been used everywhere: the tricolor can justify a very high price but also, gain the confidence of consumers.

Only here, we are sorry to inform you that: "The mention "Made in France" does not mean that 100% of the manufacturing stages of a product have been carried out in France, but that at least a significant part of the product was manufactured in France. The product takes its origin from the country where it underwent the last substantial transformation”.

There is therefore, to date, no real Made in France label, standardized and controlled. Even if all the parts come from China but are assembled in France, the brand can claim MIF.

We have chosen to have manufacturing and assembly in France, but some of our suppliers are European (Italy / Spain).

  • Why choose a perfume bottle in Italy?

Content > Container

No you weren't dreaming, you have surely already seen several identical bottles of different brands, these are “standards”: catalog products that any company can buy in small quantities.

The true art / know-how of French glassmakers is rare and unfortunately very expensive. A brand specific/exclusive mould, costs between €30-50k with minimum orders between 15-25k pieces.

We had in mind a very specific packaging for a very specific use as well.

  • Why choose oils from Italy and Spain?

Stability > Odor

In complete transparency, at the start of the creation process, we wanted to source Made in France oils, produced and grown in France.

The choice was limited: Camelina, Hemp, Cherry Stones and Sunflower

> The Hemp and Camelina oils were far too fragrant, despite our high concentrations of perfumes, the natural smell of these oils took over and totally unbalanced the perfumes.

> The sunflower oil was really too edible and the cherry stone oil, which we had selected, unfortunately found itself out of stock before our regulatory tests.

We therefore had to quickly find a solution: source quality oils, with recognized benefits and grown near us = Almond (Spain) and Wheat (Italy)

Our partners are therefore at most European (Italy & Spain) but the production and assembly are indeed Made in France!


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