Mayday, je ne (me) sens plus !

Mayday, I don't feel (myself) anymore!

One morning, you wake up, get ready, get ready to leave, take your perfume and then the drama begins.

You can't smell your perfume, you can't feel yourself. Moment of panic.

Like all our senses, olfaction is extremely important. A sense that is often forgotten, even though we use it every day.

Have you ever realised that smell and taste are closely linked? That before tasting a good dish, we first smell it? The covid has also shown that without the sense of smell, life would be blander.

In short, don't worry, we'll explain everything.

Here are several reasons why one no longer feels:

  • By dint of using the same perfume every day, our noses get used to it. Formatted to perceive different odors and quickly be able to identify whether " pleasant / unpleasant, dangerous / safety ". If you accustom your nose to smelling the same smell every day, it adapts and ends up not making the effort to detect it.
    • Perfumes react differently according to skin types: acidity/pH level , some skins can absorb notes/perfume much more quickly (in particular "top notes", light and volatile raw materials).
    • One can also be anosmic of certain raw materials. It is not uncommon for some people not to smell Musks, Hedione (very fresh synthetic raw material with a smell of jasmine).
    • Concentrations of fragrances can also affect your wear on skin / detection. There are several types of concentrations:
    FRESH WATER: Concentration 1-3%
      An eau with fresh, lively, tonic notes.
      Often aromatic, chypre, woody, it may seem more "masculine". The hold on the skin is very very weak ( about 1 hour )
      COLOGNE WATER: Concentration 3-6%
        A fresh, sparkling, light and volatile composition.
        Cologne has a very lemony smell, which smells "clean" and is very often appreciated in summer. The hold on the skin is also very weak ( about 1-2 hours )
        TOILET WATER: Concentration 10-15%
          The Eau de Toilette is a fresh, faceted eau. It is appreciated by the general public because the price remains "accessible" VS an EDP / Extract but the hold on the skin remains quite light ( about 3 hours )
          EAU DE PARFUM: Concentration 15-20%
            Eau de Parfum is the best-selling version in stores. Fragrances that diffuse and leave a trail around/behind you, creating an olfactory bubble. The price is higher (generally 110€ / 100ML) and its hold on skin is good (about 5-6 hours)
            PERFUME / EXTRACT: Concentration 20-40%
              It is the highest concentration for a perfume. The most luxurious, precious shape. A few drops are enough, the application is often done directly on the skin. The Extract has the price is the highest but its concentration allows you to smell good for a long time (more than 6 hours minimum )
              Our recommendations:
              - If you are not faithful to your perfume, try to change fragrance as often as possible so as not to saturate / accustom your nose!
              - The layering technique which consists of superimposing your perfumes by spraying them on you / your clothes and you will obtain a unique trail and a more effective hold.
              - Combine textures by having fun mixing oil for example (with a virgin scent) with your spray perfume, this will increase its diffusion and its hold.
              Now you have the tips to be able to (re)feel good all day long!
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