Green notes

Green notes in perfumery:

Although quite common in perfumery (especially during the "Belle" Perfumery era), green notes are not part of the 6 original families (Floral, Hesperidia, Woody, Oriental, Fern, Chypre) according to the SFP (Société Française des Parfumeurs).

The green note is very characteristic in perfumery: either you love it or you hate it.

Some will say that it adds a natural, vegetal facet to a perfume, while others will say that the "leaves of..." effect is too pungent for the nose, too green.

The effects of these notes are quite interesting for energising a fragrance head, giving it a crisp, wet, green aspect. The smell of freshly cut grass, morning dew, the local florist. In short, everything green.

These are usually top/heart notes. Here are some raw materials. Natural notes are followed by an *:

  • Grassy green:

Cis 3 hexenol: solar.carnation.fruity

Triplel: solar.carnation.fruity


  • Fruity green:

Mastic Absolute: terpenic.woody.balmy

Styallyl acetate: rhubarb.metallic.hazelnut

Allyl Amyl Glycolate: pineapple.fat.plastic

Blackcurrant bud Absolu*: pee

Oxane: green.sulfur.blackcurrant

Undecavertol: violet.fruity.floral

Glycolierral: grapefruit.floral.pepper

  • Watery green:

Leaves of Violet Absolute*: cucumber.seaweed.leather

Methyl carbonate octine: watery.violet.mushroom

Folione: fruity.plastic.violet

Nonadienal: cucumber.mimosa.aldehyde

Nonadienol: cucumber.purple.fat

  • Green :

Galbanum Essence*: pepper.carrot.turpentine

Absolute Narcissus*: floral.hay.honey


Some emblematic perfumes:

"Night Flight" - Guerlain 1933 - Jacques Guerlain / Woody Green

"Green Wind" - Balmain 1947 - Germaine Cellier / Green Floral

"Miss Dior Original" - Dior 1947 - Jean Carles & Paul Vacher / Floral Chypre

"No. 19" - Chanel 1970 - Henri Robert / Floral Green

"Alloy" - Estée Lauder 1972 - Francis Camal & Bernard Chant / Green Floral Chypre

"Pleasures" - Estée Lauder 1995 - Alberto Morillas & Annie Buzantian / Green Floral

"Untitled" - Margiela 2010 - Daniela Andrier / Floral Woody Green

"Beautiful breathe" - Chanel 2016 - Jacques Polge / Floral Green

This list is not exhaustive because there are a lot of beautiful launches: some emblematic, some more commercial.

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