Fruity notes

Fruits in perfumery:

Although fairly used in perfumes, Fruity notes are not part of the 6 original families (Floral, Citrus, Woody, Oriental, Fougère, Chypre) according to the SFP (French Society of Perfumers).

Almost all of the fruits cannot be naturally extracted, apart from the citrus fruits and the blackcurrant bud, they must be reconstituted synthetically.

If you come across an Absolute Banana, it's a lie.

The fruits are widely used in home-care (household products, for the home) and in body-care (body hygiene). In perfumery, fruity notes should be used sparingly to avoid tutti frutti. They are very interesting to boost certain notes, personalize them and give original and new facets (thanks to the synthesis).

Most of the fruity notes are found in feminine rather than masculine scents. There are natural raw materials in the fruity notes but which are not fruits (logical).

These are usually top/heart notes. Here are some raw materials. Natural notes are followed by an *:

Absolute Osmanthus*: apricot.tea.leather

Wine lees Essence*: vomit.whishy.vinegar

Davana Essence*: cinnamic.liquor.tea

Aldehyde C14: peach.sweet.milk

Aldehyde C16: strawberry.fat.winy

Aldehyde C18: coco.solaire.doux

Jasmolactone: coco.celery.floral

Damascone alpha: rosé.apple.fresh

Damascone beta: rosé.pin.coing

Frambinone: raspberry.rosé.powder

Melonal: fruit of

Verdox: apple.coniferous.earthy

Manzanate: apple.bright.fresh

Ketone V: pineapple.violet.woody

Some emblematic perfumes:

"Mitsouko" - Guerlain 1919 - Jacques Guerlain / Fruity Chypre (Peach)

"Treasure" - Lancôme 1990 - Sophia Grosjman / Oriental Floral (Peach)

"Angel" - Mugler 1992 - Olivier Cresp / Oriental Vanilla (Passion Fruit)

"First fig tree" - The artisan perfumer 1994 - Olivia Giacobetti / Woody Aromatic (Fig)

"Philosykos" - Diptych 1996 - Olivia Giacobetti / Woody Aromatic (Fig)

"Forbidden games" - Kilian 2012 - Calice Becker / Fruity Floral (Plum, Peach)

"The little black dress" - Guerlain 2012 - Thierry Wasser / Oriental Vanilla (Cherry)

"Kenzo world intense" - Kenzo 2017 - Francis Kurkdjian & Maïa Lernout / Fruity floral (Plum)

"Dolce Peony" - D&G 2019 - Christophe Raynaud / Fruity Floral (Pear & Peony)

"Candy Love" - Escada 2020 - Amandine Clerc-Marie & Nicolas Beaulieu / Fruity Floral (Apple)

This list is not exhaustive because there are a lot of beautiful launches: some emblematic, some more commercial.

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