Aromatic notes

Aromatics in perfumery:

Although widely used in perfumes, Aromatic notes are not part of the 6 original families (Floral, Citrus, Woody, Oriental, Fougère, Chypre) according to the SFP (French Society of Perfumers).

They have been around since the dawn of time! Both for their medicinal benefits and for the great freshness they bring.

Often used in fresh water and eau de toilette for their invigorating, purifying and sometimes even relaxing facets. Present in many "masculine" fragrances.

Most aromatic notes are top notes. There are 5 subcategories. Here are some raw materials, the natural notes are followed by a *:

  • Lavender aromatic:

Lavender Essence*: floral.hay.herbaceous

Lavandin grosso Essence*: straw.lavender.camphor

  • Minty aromatic: 

Bucchu Essence*: mint.blackcurrant.thyme

Peppermint Essence*: fresh.chlorophyll.amount

L-Carvone: mint.chlorophyll.woody

Menthol DL: minty.amount.woody

Caraway Essence*:

  • Aromatic camphor / coniferous : 

Camphor: fresh.eucalyptus.tiger balm

Sage Essence*: lavender.pepper.tea

Eucalyptus Essence*: fresh.chlorinated.coniferous

Mugwort Essence*: coniferous.sweet.minty

Myrtle Essence*: coniferous.fruity.citrus

  • Aniseed aromatic : 

Tarragon Essence*:

Fennel Essence*: aniseed.spicy.fresh

Basil Essence*: aniseed.amount.minty

Dill Essence*: aniseed.coniferous.fresh

Anethol: aniseed.licorice.herbaceous


  • herbaceous aromatic : 

Laurel Essence*: honey.spicy.coniferous

Rosemary Essence*: fresh.pepper.camphor

Thyme Essence*: tar.pepper.fresh

Some emblematic perfumes:

"Wild Water" - Dior 1966 - Edmond Roudnitska / Citrus Aromatic

"Polo" - Ralph Lauren 1978 - Carlos Benaim / Woody Aromatic Cyprus

"Kouros" - YSL 1981 - Pierre Bourdon / Aromatic Fern

"1881" - Cerruti 1990 - Martin Gras / Aromatic Fern

"The male" - JPG 1995 - Francis Kurkdjian / Amber Fern

"Herba Fresca AA" - Guerlain 1999 - Jean-Paul Guerlain & Mathilde Laurent / Aromatic Green

"Statement" - Cartier 1999 - Jean-Claude Ellena / Spicy Musk Woody

"Eau de minthé" - Diptyque 2019 / Aromatic Spicy

"H24" - Hermès 2021 - Christine Nagel / Aromatic Green

This list is not exhaustive because there are a lot of beautiful launches: some emblematic, some more commercial.

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