The new roll-(on) of perfumes

The new roll-(on) of perfumes

No, alcohol is not everything...(in perfumery).

But then what is it for?

Denatured alcohol in a perfume mainly serves as a diluent and support, called “ base ” in our language. As soon as it is applied to the skin, it evaporates and the perfume is revealed.

Alcohol is mainly found in all perfumed sprays and its spraying gesture is the most popular.

Let's not forget that this perfuming technique is not the only one and that there are others which are much more ancestral !

Let us explain to you the why and how, the Versatile roll-on was born!

Roll-on Versatile Paris
Photo: Lazy Sunday/Versatile Paris


From Ancient Egypt to Versatile, there's only one roll!

It was with Queen C, understand Queen Cleopatra, at the time of Ancient Egypt that the first application of perfume was born. At that time, perfume in alcoholic form did not exist and the fashion was more for butter and oils from animal fats. We know, it doesn't make much sense, but believe us, it was still useful!

The oily base served as a support for the maceration of flowers and other herbs. This made it possible to capture their essences. This technique called enfleurage was used for a long time until the arrival of alcohol.

ancient Egypt
Photo: Egypt/Unknown

The Egyptians , as well as the Romans and Greeks, took this scented oil and applied it to their bodies. It is with this super blend of oil and flower essences that Queen C got into King Alexander's pocket!

For the record, it was thanks to perfume that Cleopatra saved her Empire. Indeed, she negotiated the future of Ancient Egypt during a romantic dinner with Alexander the Great. Always excessively perfumed, Cleopatra played on her charm and the bewitched King Alex saw nothing but fire.

It just goes to show that rose and jasmine in high doses have an effect.

Besides, Versatile also has an intoxicating scent based on the addictive rose. Who knows, he might be the reason for your next love story...


If you have followed the story of Versatile since the beginning, you surely know that the main desire is to make the institutional bold. This through the fragrances, but also through the packaging (roll-on) which allows the perfume to be applied directly to the skin with manual and sensual gestures.

Then let's also say it, the roll-on is practical! You can take it anywhere and do a perfume touch-up wherever you want and whenever you want. It is above all the application of the product which is controlled and which guarantees that there is no loss of fragrance , rather economical, no?

Versatile Roll-on
Photo: Hangover/Versatile Paris

That's not all ! Its formula based on sweet almond and wheat oil hydrates and respects your skin. While obviously leaving a dry and fragrant finish. In addition, the absence of alcohol allows you to expose yourself to the sun without fearing the appearance of brown spots or other reactions.

As a bonus, it is a very concentrated fragrance that you will enjoy all day long. To try it is to adopt it !

Behind a simple roll-on, hides an explanation and a deep connection with the art of perfumery. An affinity and a DNA that reconnects with traditions.


It could not be easier ! We told you, it's where you want and when you want... All you have to do is unscrew the cap and apply the roll-on directly to your skin: behind the hollow of the ear, on your neck, on your wrists and the rest, it's up to you!


Roll-on Versatile Paris
Photo: Croissant café/Versatile Paris

With the warmth of your skin, the perfume will diffuse and create a lovely trail around you. Enjoy!

PS: even if Versatile doesn't put alcohol in its perfumes, we still have a cure for hangovers !

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