Routine hivernale by Versatile

Winter routine by Versatile

For this winter 2022/2023 , Versatile has decided to offer you its 100% cocooning winter routine . Ideal before, during and after the end-of- year holidays. With this bitter cold, it is important to take care of your skin and even your interior. Just take a few hours of your free time to find yourself, warm up and enjoy a unique moment just for yourself.

Thanks to this special weekend routine (when you have time of course) , you will be able to spend the winter comfortably.


The first step is to prepare a café crème to warm up from the cold. Here is our little recipe for café crème: you will need coffee (any coffee, the one you have at home) , 12 cl of full-fat liquid cream (yes, we took inspiration from a recipe on the Internet.) , and sugar (you can dose as you wish if you fear diabetes) and of course a pretty cup.

- To prepare, make your “espresso” type coffee in your cup and add sugar if you wish.

- Then comes the slightly tricky step where you have to beat the cream and always leave it cold.

- Finally, pour the whipped cream over your hot coffee. Have fun decorating it with cinnamon.

Coffee Cream
Photo: Café Crème/Versatile Paris

Estimated time: no more than 5 minutes (promise)


The second step is very simple. To stay in the same mood we advise you to light the Versatile Café Crème candle . Inspired by the “ French breakfast”, it will accompany your winter routine as well as your café crème ( made just above ) . 

The notes: coffee, buttery, milky, cardamom, sweet and cappuccino will fit perfectly with the cocooning atmosphere and the season. Besides, you can find our latest article on: scented candles that smell good.

Estimated time: less than 30 seconds


The third step is linked to your body, your skin. Indeed, with the cold and especially in winter your skin can be dried out (even by hot/cold, hot/cold, we often forget this) . It is imperative to take the time to hydrate it. A nice hot shower awaits you, a word of advice, take advantage of it.

Here is a small list carefully compiled (nice pun) to take care of your skin: 

  • Oskol beauty ritual : a routine for dry skin composed of 3 products including a cleansing oil, a facial serum and a nourishing balm.

  • Sentimental Powder Dry Oil : for those who prefer an oily but dry texture we advise you to test this oil for skin and hair.

  • Solid moisturizing body balm : for fans (men or women) of solids, we offer you this moisturizing balm for your skin.

  • The Refyld Ritual : if you are subscribed to our newsletter, the Refyld ritual must not have gone unnoticed. It consists of: 1 toothpaste, 1 deodorant, 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner and a soap bottle.

Yes, this step takes time, but in our jargon, we call it: good time. We can then estimate this ritual to take 30 to 60 minutes (or more if necessary)


The fourth step and one of the most important! COVER YOURSELF . Put on your best warm, cozy outfit and stay bundled up for as long as you need.

Some ideas for comfortable brands that can match our winter routine: 


*Tested and approved by men too


A comfortable outfit for men and women. Jogging & Sweatshirt, the perfect set for a pampering day.


There's nothing better than a bathrobe when you get out of the shower, right?

No need to check the time, put on your most comfortable outfit and go straight to the last step...


Last step that we recommend to finish this Versatile ritual in style: perfume yourself with our perfume dedicated to this lazy Sunday routine. No, this perfume doesn't smell like sweat or even socks that have been lying around for a week, I promise. It is a perfume extract (so very concentrated) with neo musk, vanilla with vegetal/detox notes (lemon, basil) , coconut cardamom milk and sweet woods. Once applied, it becomes soft and comforting.

To know the ritual of the Versatile gesture, do not hesitate to read one of our articles on the roll -on (you can go to the bottom of the page directly )

Estimated time: 1 minute

There you go, your winter routine by Versatile is complete. We can't wait to hear about YOUR favorite winter routine. You can also leave us a comment to tell us if you enjoyed reading our routine.

Sources: The Good Goods

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