Parfumerie accessible (de niche)

Accessible (niche) perfumery

Versatile, tell us a story!

Niche perfumery emerged in the 1980s, when perfumers and brands got tired of smelling the same smells everywhere and decided to rebel by creating unique fragrances . They began to focus on higher quality ingredients and more creative approaches . We then discover slightly more eccentric perfume names, like “Eau de Pizza Margherita” or “Eau de Chihuahua” (that’s okay, it’s a joke)

Niche perfumes: investing in quality

In general, niche perfumes are considered more “expensive” than mainstream perfumes. This is due to several factors, such as the higher quality of the ingredients used (which generally cost more even though we all use the same raw materials), more artisanal production methods, small volumes and most importantly, it is that the entire budget is found in your perfume unlike “big brands” which devote their budget to other costs (teams, stores, communication, etc.)

But do you know about accessible niche perfumery?

In fact, there are two types of niche perfumeries: traditional niche perfumeries that focus on high-end brands and renowned perfumers, and accessible niche perfumeries that offer premium, exclusive fragrances at affordable prices. Today, some niche brands make “sacrifices” and offer just as much quality and 100% reasonable prices. These cut back on their margins but manage to save with great agility (no market/com budget, no store fees, etc.) Each of these brands will offer its own little touch which will make the budgetary, qualitative and olfactory difference. You don’t become an accessible brand by snapping your fingers, you sometimes have to compensate…

Learn to discern truth from fiction in perfumery thanks to our article on: No more fragwashing (frag = fragrance)

And Versatile in all this?

We are more in the best category which has just been described (at least, we hope so). We are happy to present to you our movement in favor of accessible perfumery .

For this, Versatile relies on :

Very concentrated Perfume Extracts therefore guaranteed hold: 30 to 38%
Small , light , portable , minimalist and even practical bottles! 
The roll-on in direct contact with the skin = 0 product loss and a duration of use of 4
at 6 months
Different, original and MADE IN FRANCE fragrances

Versatile and its round prices

Perfumes for €55 ? Yes, it exists. It's not the size that matters. The price of our perfumes is fair but also affordable for everyone. At Versatile, we believe that you don't have to spend a fortune to FEEL GOOD (inconceivable for us to make you choose between food and perfume, we want you to treat yourself to both!)

We are proud to offer you an alternative to major perfume brands, which often offer exorbitant prices for conventional fragrances. Yes, perfumery can be both accessible and quality, without compromising on ethics or creativity.

Perfume available in roll-on

Convinced that our perfumes are as good for your skin as they are for your wallet?

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Photos: Versatile Paris
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