Tendances automne/hiver 2022

Fall/Winter 2022 perfume trends

Let's be trendy (or not) for the Fall/Winter 2022 season!

We live in a world that places a lot of emphasis on appearance and we often judge other people's fashion choices. This is why we also pay attention to the choice of our clothes and our perfumes.

In fact, the trend is a social phenomenon that concerns us all, even if we are not always aware of it.

Versatile Paris
Photo: Tendance/Versatile Paris


It was born from the success of a perfume which olfactorily revolutionized the market, brought together a large audience and seduced again and again. The trend in perfumery is not identical to that in fashion, it does not change every six months. The cycles are much longer. As in fashion, there are timeless ones .


Even if niche perfumery is increasingly in vogue (whether for the qualitative concept or their originality - exclusivity ), olfactory trends are ultimately not that varied / new.

On the other hand, we still note efforts in terms of brand values ​​and commitments: favoring quality is a great trend today and we hope that it will become a real mode of consumption rather than a "trend".

The perfume industry is turning towards healthier compositions for environmental reasons and 2022 will be no exception. The same goes for packaging , we turn to everything that is recyclable , biodegradable , etc.

At the olfactory level, the trends are:

  • Gourmet notes: vanilla, musk and amber
  • Fruity notes: fig (the queen of 2022)
  • Amber notes: vanilla, oud, tonka bean
  • Green notes: basil, anise
  • Floral notes: jasmine, rose, orange blossom

We still observe a switch in olfactory trends depending on the seasons. For example, fruity/floral notes will be in style in spring, unlike its amber and gourmand friends, more appreciated as cold days approach. At Versatile we really want to free ourselves from olfactory seasonality with perfumes that can be worn all year round , wherever and whenever we want!


Since covid, we have noticed a real boom in “natural” fragrances or at least, smells reminiscent of nature, musky, enveloping, cocooning, reassuring perfumes. Coincidence? I do not think so.

After being oppressed by a mask for almost 2 years, we no longer want to be invaded by aggressive, heady and invasive odors that hurt our heads in the morning.

The end of gourmet orientals - sweet - salty - spicy?

In our opinion, the time has come for soft, luminous and more intimate scents.


YES-NO, everyone does what they want! Everyone is free to wear what they want.

NO, flowers are not just for women and woods are not just for men. In short, trends are not there to dictate our choices, but rather to inspire and introduce new products to the market.

It is true that humans are originally accustomed to following crowds. We prefer to be on the lookout rather than late. In fact, even those who think they are not following them, follow them without even being aware of it.


Trendy, it's up to you to tell us, but original, yes!

Our perfumes are inspired by food and they smell good . You have the choice :

Versatile Paris Collection
Photo: Versatile Collection / Versatile Paris

By the way, next article on our scented candles not to be missed!

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